New Release – Auto-Tune The News 1.9
18 February 2010 by Rob Spectre

On 2 July last year, fresh from Boxee’s Developer Contest held in San Francisco, I submitted my very first Boxee application.  Auto-Tune The News first got me hooked on developing on Boxee as I originally wanted to be able to watch The Daily Show, Colbert Report and a couple of my favorite web series on my TV instead of at my desk.  Now seven months, seventeen more apps, twenty-five total releases, that move of dorkly convenience has become my full-time job for half a year.  Making television software has become a strong passion, and it is with great pride that I release a new revision for the app that started me down this road.

Same content, just a better look and feel – everything sounds better auto-tuned!

New Release – Peter Coffin
10 February 2010 by Rob Spectre

Dead excited to announce the latest member of the Gonzee family: Internet comedian Peter Coffin.  I always jump at the chance to bring more indie comedy to Boxee and Peter delivers that with a unique voice, pro production value and gutbusting timing.  Laughs by the pantload for web-conscious pop culture fans, tweaked with just enough twist to appeal to the casually demented.

If you dig on his video work, you should definitely check out his blog, subscribe to his YouTube channel, follow him on Twitter, and grab some quality Peter Coffin gear.  In that order!


New Release – Ad Blitz 2010
6 February 2010 by Rob Spectre

IAll the commercials from the big game on Boxeet is the biggest athletic contest of the year for America.  Seats start at five grand, networks fight over the rights years in advance, and millions tune in worldwide as the top two teams in professional football face off after a blistering post season.  With all the hype and attention comes unparalleled advertising budgets, making the Super Bowl the showcase for television commercials of the year.

Want a replay of a particularly funny ad after the game is over? Go no further than Boxee with the latest Gonzee app release – Ad Blitz 2010.  Now available on Boxee, Ad Blitz 2010 will have every commercial aired during the big game available to watch immediately following an resolutely crushing defeat to the hated and hideous Indianapolis Colts.

Before the big game, the app is seeded with preview content a-plenty, featuring analysis on the two teams, how-to’s on executing a perfect Super Sunday party and the troubling story of a man auctioning off something very valuable to get a ticket to the game.

All available now in the Boxee App Library.

The best commercials for the biggest game of the year.

New Release – State of the Union LIVE
27 January 2010 by Rob Spectre

The 2010 pipeline of release is swelling with a boatload of tasty Gonzee apps on their way to a television near you, but it’s already been too long since my last new app release.  To that end, I’m happy to report that a new live event app has been published for all Boxee users for tonight’s State of the Union address by President Barack Obama.

This milestone address for this young presidency comes after a rough freshman year of roadblocks and setbacks and a particularly difficult week that saw the Democrats lose the Senate supermajority they’ve enjoyed in this past year. Obama addresses an electorate with diminished hopes and increased skepticism of the efficacy of the federal government.

His first State of the Union needs to change the game and merits the attention of any American concerned about employment, healthcare, and the condition of our country.  This Boxee app delivers reporting recapping Obama’s freshman year as president and will feature the live feed of the State of the Union address as soon as it becomes live.

Check out the app now in Boxee’s App Library.

Christmas Comes Early For Boxee – New Gonzee Releases
7 December 2009 by Rob Spectre

For the voracious Boxee fans out there, the wait for the Boxee Beta unveiling finally ends tonight in Brooklyn, New York at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.  Christmas is coming a little early for Boxee diehards and Santa was sure to bring some Gonzee gifts in his sleigh.

I’m dead excited to announce today’s Gonzee releases coinciding with the launch of Boxee Beta as we push forward into a new chapter of social, open source development for the living room.  We have four spectacular apps getting some beta love, packed with pantloads of holiday cheer.

Never mind the bollocks -- on to the apps!

1) Man in the Box 1.0

The brilliant office comedy from Break.com is now available on Boxee.  Man in the Box is a hilarious web series featuring the exploits of Greg and his insane set of coworkers suffering in cubicle hell delivered weekly in 3-4 minute shorts.  Like NBC’s The Office, only a tenth of the length and too demented for broadcast television.

Here’s a great taste with Greg’s viral hit “Facebook Abuse.”

2) KidMango 1.4

The very first Boxee app for kids has gotten a holiday brushup with a full Brightcove integration, making the video bigger on your screen, easier to control and faster to load.  KidMango joins Wired and Style.com with full Brightcove support, making it even easier to enjoy KM’s enormous library of children’s telvision.

3) Cliqset 1.5

The first real-time social experience for your living room has exploded on Boxee with a ton of great conversations in the short month since its release.  The crew at Cliqset rarely rest on their laurel, so of course the Cliqset Boxee had to join the rest of their huge releases this weekend.  Here’s the short list of the new features:

  1. Complete Redesign -- The app’s design has been completely redone with a new diesel look for the Boxee Beta -- guaranteed to melt your face.
  2. Notifications -- You can now view and clear your Cliqset notifications directly within Boxee.
  3. Share Videos on Cliqset -- Like what you’re watching and want to share with your crew?  Video chat now let’s you share the video you are watching in Boxee with everyone on Cliqset.
  4. Play Shared Videos -- You can now play the videos your friends share on Cliqset directly in Boxee.
  5. Channels -- The Cliqset app revolutionized the social experience in your living room with its content-aware video chat.  That experience just got even better with Channels that allow you to talk not only with the people who are watching the same video, but also the same TV Show, film genre, director, online video service, or -- even better -- anyone watching anything on Boxee!
  6. New Activities / Video Chat with Video Inlay -- Tired of switching between your activities and your video chat?  By default, the Cliqset Boxee app now let’s you switch between both with an easy tab navigation while viewing your video inlayed on the screen.  Prefer the classic overlaid video chat? Easily access it with the “Video Chat” button at the top of the screen.

4) Boxee Beta Live

Not making it to the Big Apple for the launch tonight?  Well the Boxee crew and I put together a very special app for you.  Tonight’s event can be watched on Boxee with the Boxee Beta Live app now available in the App Box.

For Linux, Mac and AppleTV users in particular there is a special treat, as the folks over at Cliqset are powering a special real-time conversation for the event embedded in the Boxee app.  You can chat anonymously or register on Cliqset right from within the app.

Check out the great posts about it in the media:

Who’s that good looking guy in the screenshot?

Source: Mashable

Source: Mashable

It’s Halloween on KidMango
27 October 2009 by Rob Spectre

The crew over at KidMango are celebrating Halloween with a new release of their Gonzee app.  With a new look and feel, the latest version features a special channel of Halloween episodes of your favorite KidMango programs.  The special Halloween release will run until the end of the month.

If you already have installed the KidMango app on Boxee, you will get the new release automatically.  If you’re looking for the best kids content on Boxee, you can install this Halloween special through the Boxee App Box.

This release comes two months after KidMango’s successful launch, where KM CEO Paul Marcum had this to say:

Just wanted to let you know that the Boxee app has streamed over 10K videos since launch.  We’re pretty happy with that number – thanks again for putting it together.

I’ll admit that I’m surprised it’s done that well given the Boxee installed base and our niche appeal.  It was announced on 9/3 and without any promo October is on track to top September’s streams!

Congrats to the KidMango crew for making their app the destination for children’s content on Boxee!

New Release: Boxee + Real-Time Social = Win with Cliqset
13 October 2009 by Rob Spectre

I am dead excited to announce the latest Gonzee app, one I think is a real game-changer in the living room.  Cliqset v1.0 is now available in the App Box to bring the first real-time social experience to your living room.

1) What is Cliqset?

Cliqset is a real-time social media service that unifies your many online identities in one gorgeous interface.  TechCrunch has likened the service to “FriendFeed on steroids,” aggregating more social services than anyone else with a strong emphasis on real-time, instant communication.  Mashable called it “FriendFeed Done Right” with support for more of the online social web and a gorgeous interface to boot. I like to think of it more as the first real lifecasting service, finally combining online a rich aggregation of social services delivered instantly.

Real-time conversations in your living room

Real-time conversations in your living room

2) What is the Cliqset Boxee app?

One of Cliqset’s greatest strengths is its rich API, which is leveraged to bring the Cliqset experience to Boxee.  With this Boxee app, users can view and interact with their Cliqset stream in real-time. Users can see all the status posts from all their friends from the comfort of the living room *and* comment on those activities in real-time.  Whether users are on the web or chatting with gTalk or on their iPhones or watching Boxee on their TVs, Cliqset users can browse and comment on each others posts (in – you guessed it – real-time).

3) What is “Video Chat?”

Here’s the real hot sauce.  The Cliqset Boxee app has an interface for content-aware real-time discussion.  You can watch any video – Internet or local – and participate in a Cliqset discussion about it.  Whether it be The Matrix or The Daily Show or any of the killer apps produced by the Boxee dev community, users can chat with everyone else watching the same content in real-time.  In my limited research, it is the very first content-aware television chat ever.

Content-aware real-time conversations

Content-aware real-time conversations

4) How can I break me off a piece of this tasty goodness?

You can install the Cliqset app from the App Box today.  You can register for Cliqset from within the app and get to real-time conversations for your favorite content in seconds.

It is available for Mac, Linux and Apple TV.

You can read more about the app and Cliqset’s killer desktop client here:

App Update – TechCrunch 50 2009
15 September 2009 by Rob Spectre

The 1.1 release of the TechCrunch 50 app published yesterday is now live and includes one huge feature:

Watch the live show.


New Release – TechCrunch 50
14 September 2009 by Rob Spectre

As day one of the blog-powered startup bonanza known as TechCrunch50 draws to a close, a fair amount of video content is getting produced not only by the conference’s eponymous hosts, but by other media outlets covering the event. As folks are starting to turn off their laptops and head out for a taste of the local nightlife, Boxee has just published the Gonzee.tv app for TechCrunch 50.

Held in the gonzee.tv homebase of San Francisco each year, TechCrunch 50 has become the hotspot for startups to launch to products and projects, for deals to get done and for value to be realized.  This app uses the YouTube search API to find all the new videos folks are posting related to the conference.  So far TechCrunch themselves have put up some great interviews with the likes of Marissa Mayer from Google, famed investor Ron Conaway and (my personal favorite) Penn from Penn and Tiller.


There’s also some great content being posted from other journalists on the scene and I can’t wait to see even more in the next few hours.  The folks at Boxee put in some afterhours sprinting tonight to get this puppy published in time for Day Two of the conference – much kudos should go their way for the extra effort.

If you want the story on what’s happening in 2009’s premier startup event, there is no better place to see it than on Boxee.





New Release – Barats and Bereta
12 September 2009 by Rob Spectre

The indie sketch comedy duo Barats and Bereta have become Internet sensations, catapulting their brand of subversive sketch comedy to millions of views on YouTube.  Getting their start at Gonzaga University and hailing from the misty northern reaches of Spokane, Washington, Luke and Joe update with new videos ~once a week with high quality, high production value and high hilarity.  From the sketch “Cubicle Wars” that first launched the pair to online celebrity to pieces from the show they developed for NBC called “This is Culdesac,” Barats and Bereta can always be relied on for a quick laugh.


Recommended Episode:

“Douche Off”



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