13 October 2009 by Rob Spectre

I am dead excited to announce the latest Gonzee app, one I think is a real game-changer in the living room. Cliqset v1.0 is now available in the App Box to bring the first real-time social experience to your living room.

1) What is Cliqset?

Cliqset is a real-time social media service that unifies your many online identities in one gorgeous interface. TechCrunch has likened the service to “FriendFeed on steroids,” aggregating more social services than anyone else with a strong emphasis on real-time, instant communication. Mashable called it “FriendFeed Done Right” with support for more of the online social web and a gorgeous interface to boot. I like to think of it more as the first real lifecasting service, finally combining online a rich aggregation of social services delivered instantly.

Real-time conversations in your living room

Real-time conversations in your living room

2) What is the Cliqset Boxee app?

One of Cliqset’s greatest strengths is its rich API, which is leveraged to bring the Cliqset experience to Boxee. With this Boxee app, users can view and interact with their Cliqset stream in real-time. Users can see all the status posts from all their friends from the comfort of the living room *and* comment on those activities in real-time. Whether users are on the web or chatting with gTalk or on their iPhones or watching Boxee on their TVs, Cliqset users can browse and comment on each others posts (in – you guessed it – real-time).

3) What is “Video Chat?”

Here’s the real hot sauce. The Cliqset Boxee app has an interface for content-aware real-time discussion. You can watch any video – Internet or local – and participate in a Cliqset discussion about it. Whether it be The Matrix or The Daily Show or any of the killer apps produced by the Boxee dev community, users can chat with everyone else watching the same content in real-time. In my limited research, it is the very first content-aware television chat ever.

Content-aware real-time conversations

Content-aware real-time conversations

4) How can I break me off a piece of this tasty goodness?

You can install the Cliqset app from the App Box today. You can register for Cliqset from within the app and get to real-time conversations for your favorite content in seconds.

You can read more about the app and Cliqset’s killer desktop client here:

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