State of the Union Live
27 January 2010 by Rob Spectre

The 2010 pipeline of release is swelling with a boatload of tasty Gonzee apps on their way to a television near you, but it’s already been too long since my last new app release. To that end, I’m happy to report that a new live event app has been published for all Boxee users for tonight’s State of the Union address by President Barack Obama.

This milestone address for this young presidency comes after a rough freshman year of roadblocks and setbacks and a particularly difficult week that saw the Democrats lose the Senate supermajority they’ve enjoyed in this past year. Obama addresses an electorate with diminished hopes and increased skepticism of the efficacy of the federal government.

His first State of the Union needs to change the game and merits the attention of any American concerned about employment, healthcare, and the condition of our country. This Boxee app delivers reporting recapping Obama’s freshman year as president and will feature the live feed of the State of the Union address as soon as it becomes live.

Check out the app now in Boxee’s App Library.

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