11 August 2009 by Rob Spectre

Why did you go gonzo for Boxee?

I can’t stand watching television.  But I can’t stop watching Boxee.

While the quality of television production has skyrocketed in the last two decades, the quality of television distribution remains mostly stuck in the 1970’s.  Large, monolithic corporations with only the dimmest grasp of the demands of their customers are content gatekeepers, deciding what people watch and how they watch it.  Shows still have to be recorded on something to be watched later, movies still get lumped in demographically sellable channels, and

Broadcast networks, cable companies, and the other machines that control the set-top in your living room are not serving the real need for the Internet age consumer.  It takes disruptive technologies like the VCR, the TiVo, and now Boxee to shake things up and give us what we want – great entertainment that works at our convenience.

Though I’ve been an open source enthusiast for a very long time, no project as of late has got me quite as excited as Boxee.  The disruptive potential of this platform and the empowerment it gives the consumer is absolutely enormous.

How many Gonzee apps are on Boxee?

A whole bunch.  And a lot more are coming.  Check out the portfolio page for the latest.

How do I install Gonzee apps?

All Gonzee apps are available in Boxee’s App Box, which is easily accessible from your main Boxee menu.

How big is the Boxee development community?

The critical mass of Boxee is starting to form now.  Fuzz The Destroyer has a great collection of independent Boxee repositories serving a lot of strong applications.  There are a couple dozen active application developers releasing stuff for Boxee that I know of and of those a strong core of 10-12 that release frequently.

Can you develop a Boxee app for me?

Sure!  Shoot me an email and we can talk about bringing your content to Boxee – rob [dot] spectre [at] gmail [dot] com.

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