Getting Made into the Crew
15 April 2010 by Rob Spectre

“As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a gangster.” – Henry Hill, Brooklyn, NY 1955

For the past ten months, I’ve been paying the rent by going gonzo for Boxee.  Developing apps on contract for a great portfolio of customers, I’ve managed to eke out a living working on a platform I adore in a space I love.  Sustaining myself by enabling independent content producers to take their content from the computer screen to the living room has marked a highlight of my career – a true labor of love.

Today that labor took a dramatic and exciting new turn – I got made.

As of 15 April, I’ve joined the Boxee team as their new Lead Application Developer.  My assignment is two fold: 1) work with content producers to create the best living room experience their audiences have ever seen and 2) empower and enable developers to make Boxee the easiest and most exciting platform to deliver applications.  In non-corporate speak, get the best artists and coders on the planet and turn them on to the best media center in the world.

Getting made into the Boxee crew is a real privilege and already in my first day I’ve been impressed by the aggressive, high performance atmosphere.  It promises to be a hell of a ride, but of course it raises some natural questions about this site, the Gonzee portfolio of apps and the fate of the spiky-haired gonzo who made them.

1) Will gonzee.tv stay up?

Yup!  It’ll continue to be available as a gonzo resource for anyone interested in Boxee development.  The guide, sample apps, and tips and tricks will always be available at this address.  I’d love to maintain this site simultaneous to my duties at Boxee, but realistically that is not going to happen.  Going forward my contributions to Boxee documentation will more likely than not be more official than this site.

2) What happens to Auto-Tune The News, FailBlog and my other favorite Gonzee apps?

They are my babies and they’ll continue to stay that way.  The code stays with me and updates will happen even more frequently now that I’ll be more closely involved in the platform they are running on.  I’m committed to maintaining my existing portfolio of apps while employed by Boxee, and will continue to make new apps featuring indie comedy I think is breaking new ground.

3) What about hiring you as a contractor for my project?

Unfortunately, my current slate of contracts will be my last.  However, I was only one of a great many talented freelance developers with Boxee experience.  I am happy to refer from a deep roster of great coders to bring your project to Boxee.

4) So, you’re moving to New York? Does that mean you’re going to become a Yankee fan?

While it’s true I’ll be leaving San Francisco to join the team in New York City, I’m not trading in my crimson stockings for Bronx pinstripes just yet.  You can be assured that the only time this nation faithful heads to Yankee Stadium it will be to root on the Red Sox or relieve myself on one of the pillars.

Very stoked to get going and if you’re a Boxee developer looking for help with your app, be sure to check in at the Boxee forums or hit me up at my new home [email protected].

So what your next Boxee app? :)

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